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Nds4Droid Roms Download | Pokemon

Download the latest nds4droid roms for your android device. Play nds4droid pokemon roms games. The nds4droid, nintendo nds emulator runs on android versions like android 6 and 7. It works without rooting ie no rooting is needed for your android device. Download all your favorite games on this nds4droid android emulator including pokemon, supermario etc.

nds4droid roms download

Nds4droid is a free android nintendo emulator for playing nintendo ds games on your android smartphone. Ndsdroid supported format for roms is .nds. you can download nds roms for it.

On ios devices you can play it on nds4ios emulator which can be downloaded from itunes. There are lots of roms available on for the nds emulator.

Nds4Droid Roms Download

The most downloaded roms are pokemon roms, supermario roms etc. All these roms can be downloaded from the below link. These games will work on your nds4droid emulator.

The android version of the nds emulator is as good as the ios emulator. Although if you have a android device you must install nds4droid apk on your phone. Download it from here.


Here is the top downloaded nds4droid roms list 

Nds4droid pokemon black
Nds4droid pokemon soul silver
pokemon black 2
pokemon diamond
pokemon rose gold
nds4droid pokemon x and y
nds4droid supermario 
Pocket paradise

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nds4droid roms

Download Nds4Droid Apk for Android

Nds4droid apk is available on playstore. You can download it for free of cost. What you have to do is, just download the apk from the below link. It will install on your android phone.

Download Nds4Droid Emulator 

Download nds4droid emulator

After downloading it, you will see nds4droid settings, i think you know how to use it. Just add nintendo roms and start playing.

Nds4droid Emulator android Reviews

From the developer website, they saying that its little slow compared to other emulators. But they are constantly working on it to improve the performance of nds4droid emulator.

The main drawbacks all the users saying that its too lagging. It takes much time to load. Sometimes the auto save will not work. Slow frame rate, also much problems with settings menu.

Overall its a good app, but still needs improvement.

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About Nds4droid Android Apk

current version  : 47
Required version : android 2.3.3 or up
Total Installs   : 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Official Website : http://nds4droid.com

Friday, 21 July 2017

Kohls Credit Card Payment Address

Below you will see about Kohls Credit Card Payment Address information. Payment Center, Charge Payment Options, Debit/Credit Cards · Kohl's Charge. Customer service contact number. Capitol One Credit card.

kohls credit card payment address

What is Kohls Credit Card Payment Address?

Kohl’s Payment Center 
P.O. Box 2983 
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

The above described is the mail to address of kohls payment center.

If you are from these (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA and WV) states the payment address is different from the above. Use the below address to make the payment. You can also check the official details from this link.

Kohl’s Payment Center 
P.O. Box 30510 
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0510

Others ways you can use to pay kohls credit card

There are three ways you can pay kohls credit card. These are specified below. Check it to know how to make the payment.
  • You can also call kohls customer care number to know more about it. You can call this number 1-855-564-5748. They will help answering for your quick queries.
    Account number and bank routing should be required for this process.
  • There is an option to make payments online by visiting their online portal. Visit My Kohls Charge, login to your account, then make your online payment. If you dont have account, register for free.

    Schedule feature for 180 days is available. Any payment that processed after 7pm will only process the next business day.
  • The third option you can make use for making payment is by visiting its store. All your bills can be paid by cash of check at the store.
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Q: Kohl's Charge Payment Options 

To open kohls charge card. go to this link https://apply.kohls.com/

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

GBWhatsApp Apk Download [Safe Download]

GbWhatsapp Apk download latest version mod for free from here, no ban, no root. Best moded version of whatsapp than any other version is gbwhatsapp apk. Continue reading to know more about the features and get updated apk download links files of this app.

About WhatsApp Instant Messenger [Android apk]

There is no doubt that whatsapp is the messaging giant in the world. It continuously rolling out new features back to back to the users to keep their value in the market. Now whatsapp just becomes an essential app these days and we cant think of a day without this app. 

All the time the uses are seeking new features on whatsapp. Recently they added many features to whatsapp which includes video calling, voice calling etc.

The current whatsapp is not customizable right now. If you are a user who likes customization, then you need to use a different app. There is a solution for it. Read on to know what is it.

How to Get GbWhatsApp App

And to day i am going to show you the modified version of whatsapp with lots of custamization. The app is called gbwhatsapp app. Its an advanced version of whatsapp which is preloaded with more features.

gbwhatsapp apk

Here you can get the download links for gbwhatsapp apk, that you can download and install it on your android smartphone.

This gbwhatsapp apk is only for android users. I dont know if there is any version for ios users to use. The link provided here is apk file for android smartphone. And it will work on all android version running 4.0 and above, which includes marshmallow and nougat.

Features of GbWhatsApp APK Download

The latest version of the gbwhatsapp apk got many cool features. I have listed all the features here. Check it out before installing the gbwhatsapp application on your android phone.

  • No account ban, safe to use.
  • Maximum video size we can send is 30mb
  • GIF file type support.
  • Allows broadcasting of messages to over 600 people at the same time .
  • Allows to hide status .
  • Audio calls Support .   
  • Video call support.
  • Allows to change ticks\style modes as your wish.
  • Disable calls for particular contact        
  • Themes support.
  • Show online and last seen in main conversation screen.
  • From the chat screen it enables us to adjust the header and rows  .
  • It allows to change the notification and application icon from the settings of gbwhatsapp app.
  • Allows sending of 90 images at the same time
  • Starred messages and images are also provided.
 That's all from the features list.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest version

In the event that we will take a gander at the GBWhatsApp highlight so there are really great and propelled highlights accessible. You may have found out about WhatsApp Plus. Which was the best WhatsApp mod accessible on the web by Ralfanse. 

This mod depends on his WhatsApp on the grounds that Ralfanse was the developer of WhatsApp which thought of beautiful components of concealing last observed and security yet in 2016. 

We have included most recent form of gbwhatsapp apk in this post, and you can simply get the most recent variant of gbwatsapp from this site.

Does GBwhatsapp Need Root Access?

The answer is no. It is not necessary to root your android device to use the gbwhatsapp app on your android smartphone. You just simply have to download the latest version of the apk and install it to your android. 

This is what all you need to do. Hence you will be able to use all the features of it by downloading gbwhatsapp apk latest version.

Download Latest / Updated version of GbWhatsapp 

It is recommended to check this website again and again for new releases to use the latest version of the app. This lets you access all the new features of gbwhatsapp apk.

GbWhatsapp apk Download latest version

How to Install GbWhatsapp apk on your android smartphone

  • First you have to allow apk installations from "unknown sources". This is because, you are downloading the gbwhatsapp from a different source other than google play store.
  • To do this goto Settings>> Security>> tick the option "allow installations from unknown sources".

  • Now Install the gbwhatsapp apk. And open it.
  • It will ask your mobile number, enter it.
  • After that you will get an OTP to your mobile number, verify it.
Done! Now the moded version of whatsapp is installed in your mobile.

Download Gbwhatsapp for PC

If you are a computer user and access whatsap from pc or computer often, you can also run it on your pc. you just need an emulator like bluestacks to use gbwhatsapp from pc or computer. I recommend you to read my old post how to use whatsapp on pc to get the idea of using it.

Informations aboout new gbwhatsapp moded version

Application / Software Name : Gbwhatsapp 
App size : 36mb
Total Downloads : 21,000+
Last updated date : 21 june, 2016

Friday, 9 June 2017

GBA4IOS Roms Pokemon Download iOS

Gba4ios Roms Pokemon

Download the latest gba4ios pokemon roms for your ios device ie ipad of phone. The gba4ios runs in ios version 7, ios 8.1, ios 9 and ios 10.No jailbreak is needed for your iOS device. If you are installed gba4ios then you can find your pokemon gba4ios roms here.

Gba4ios is an emulator to play your old 90's game to play on your ios device. The gba4ios emulator helps you to install game boy advance games in your device. It creates a platform to play games such as pokemon liquid crystal, pokemon fire red version, pokemon emerald, pokemon gold, pokemon silver version, pokemon , pokemon leaf green, pokemon sapphire, supermario advance supermario bros etc.

Now the gba4ios 2.1 is released. You can play games perfectly from the updated version of game boy advance emulator. it does not work on ios 6 version. Your iphone or ipad must be  ios 7 or up. Cheat codes are allows in gba4ios, thus your game experience is going to be much interesting. Pokemon games cheats are also available for this gameboy advance emulator.

There are many gba4ios pokemon roms available to download, and tons of other gba4ios roms available. You want to select which which one you want to download and add it to your gba4ios emulator.

gba4ios roms pokemon

GBA4IOS Pokemon Roms Download

Here are the list of all available gba4ios pokemon roms. Download these roms for your gba4ios emulator, you can download it as zip files. If you dont have the emulator download it from this link.

Gba4ios Pokemon - Leaf Green Version (USA)

Gba4ios Pokemon - Version Rubis (France) 
Gba4ios Pokemon - Version Rubis (France) (Rev A) 
Gba4ios Pokemon - Version Saphir (France) 
Gba4ios Pokemon - Version Saphir (France) (Rev A)
Gba4ios Pokemon - Version Vert Feuille (France)

If you want more games other than pokemon roms you can visit this link to get it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you facing any problem please comment below. I will help. 

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Watch this video if you want to know how to cheat pokemon games without computer, no jailbreak. video courtesy OperationDroid


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Simple Tweaks To Make Windows 8 Startup Faster

It's really frustrating for every user when the PC takes more time to startup. This is possibly for many reasons such as congested start up items, fragmented memory, virus infections..etc. More older PC, more software are installed and many of unnecessary apps begins to run when windows starts up. The proper optimization of windows 8 start up is the solution to reduce it. This tutorial covers the simple tweaks you can make use of to get a fast startup for your Windows 8 PC.

Windows 8 Fast Startup

Make Windows 8 Faster By Removing Unwanted Programs from Startup

You well know that more programs in the windows 8 startup causes slow down of the boot time of your PC. Disabling the unwanted programs from startup can help the system boot faster to an extent. Let's check how to speed up boot time faster.

Right click on task bar and click on Task Manager. 

Speed up windows 8 PC

Then from the windows click on the Startup tab. 

Access startup menu windows 8

Here you will see the list of programs enabled/disabled in startup. Disable the unnecessary programs that doesn't need to started when system starts.

Note: Startup can also be accessed using the Run command msconfig. 

Recommended to check 

 Turn on Fast Startup

Fast start up is a new feature of windows 8 that uses hybrid shutdown to enhance the startup process. It should be turned on by default, but make sure that you didn't changed that by mistake. 

How to enable fast boot windows 8

To access fast startup : Goto control panel>>Hardware and Sound>>Power Options>>Choose What the Power Buttons Do.

Note that the startup programs consumes memory and CPU since windows starts,so disabling these unwanted programs not only increases the boot time but also increases the performance of your system. Only disable the process if you well know what the process is, and avoid changes to the programs which you don't know about.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

How To Bypass Windows 8 Login Screen

If you are the only user log in in to your computer or the computer is safe from others, the log in screen while turning on or after sleep might be annoying to you, and it consumes more time to get you back to the start screen. Bypassing the log in screen will be much useful for such users. This tutorial will cover how to bypass login screen in windows 8.

How To Bypass Windows 8 Login Screen 

Step 1 : Click on Search from right edge of your windows 8 screen and search for Users from settings.

disable password login screen windows8

Step 2 : Then tap Users.

Step 3 : As default the login screen is turned on (see image).

disable windows 8 login screen

 Step 4 : Then click on change, then a pop up box will show you for confirmation and proceed by clicking OK. 

Step 5 : Now the text above change will be replaced to Any user who has a password doesn't need to enter it when walking this PC
Disable login screen windows 8

These are the all steps. When you turn on the windows 8 you are welcomed with lock screen showing the basic information such as date, time etc... and then prompted to login screen. After you completed the above steps, it will not show the password login screen when you turn on your windows 8 PC. You can also turn back to previous stage by just taping the change button again. 

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Add A Shutdown Tile To Windows 8 Metro

Normally it takes at least three clicks to turn off the Windows 8 PC. Adding a shutdown tile to Windows 8 metro would reduce the annoyance of unnecessary clicks to turn off the computer. After adding the shortcut tile you can shutdown it with a one click tap in metro screen. 

Add Shutdown tile to Windows 8 Metro

How to Add a Shutdown Tile in Windows 8

  Step 1. Click on the Desktop tile in Metro or Press Windows+D.
Step 2. Right click on any open space in desktop, select New and then click Shortcut.

Create shutdown shortcut windows 8

  Step 3. A popup will come and type shutdown /p in the location field.

shutdown shortcut command

  Step 4. Then a dialog box will appear to name the shortcut. Choose whatever the name you want and click on finish.

  Step 5. Change the shortcut icon for easy visibility (Optional). Right click on the shortcut icon>> Properties>> Change Icon >> Select Icon >> OK.

  Step 6.Final step is to add the shortcut tile to windows 8 metro. Right Click on the shutdown icon and click on Pin to Start.

add tile to windows 8 metro screen

You are done. Now check the metro screen and a tile will be shown and it will shutdown your computer if a single tap is made on it.

Note: You can also create a reboot shortcut to windows metro. Place shutdown /r /t 0 instead of the previous command for restart tile.


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