Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Agi coin price in btc, Price Chart , History Analysis, SingularityNet

SingularityNET is the convention particularly intended to take care of these issues while opening the AI market to the whole world. SingularityNET empowers AI-as-a-benefit on an authorization less stage, with the goal that anybody can utilize AI benefits effectively.

SingularityNET is controlled by the AGI token, which makes the decentralized economy conceivable. The AGI token additionally takes care of the Assignment of Credit Problem, enabling us to evaluate the esteem an AI specialist conveys to the market. This issue is the initial move toward making Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and the AGI token makes this achievement conceivable.

On December 21st, we propelled a constrained adaptation of our TGE, with singular tops of 5 ETH. Different ventures have sold to the most elevated bidders, regularly well off, intense, unified gatherings. We declined to prohibit our locale from the energy of our stage. Amid this underlying Community Appreciation Period (which endured 24 hours), we could disperse AGI tokens to a large number of consistent network individuals.

On December 22nd, we lifted the individual top as arranged, and the rest of the AGI tokens were sold in 66 seconds. The staggering interest reaffirmed our approach in planning the underlying Community Appreciation Period, where a large number of our locale individuals could partake in spite of the total whitelist request of $360+ million (our hard top stayed at just $36 million).

Current price today :in usd  0.0214346$ dollar
22% hike in 24 hours
(details June 5, 1pm IST)

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Monday, 4 June 2018

Qkc coin price in BTC (Quarkcoin) | Binance Lists QKC

QuarkChain (QKC) declared today that its ICO was done yesterday effectively. All of QKC tokens sold and it was picked up $20M (around 6930.61 ETH). 80,000+ supporters participated. 

QuarkChain group thanks speculators as well as around 100 volunteers who are trying the testnet. People in general testnet will be declared in one month.

Quickly after QuarkChain ICO has been finished it was declared that QKC will be listed on Binance. Onlookers expressed it is first time for a significant lot that Binance dispatches the coin directly after ICO.

qkc coin price in btc usd

Check the luve price of qkc coin here https://www.coingecko.com/en/price_charts/quarkchain/btc

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Binance Withdrawal Suspended, API Key Problem

Various concerned clients have taken to Reddit to whine that prevalent cryptocurrency exchange work area Binance has abruptly started to offer their altcoins at advertise rate – without their assent and with no warning at all. 

Binance Withdrawal Suspended, API Key Problem 

Binance got hacked?? Was binance hacked?

"WTF is going on," one client shouted out. "Binance simply sold all my [altcoins] at showcase rate," the client kept, including that the greater part of his coins were currently changed over to Bitcoin.

"It is valid," another client composed. "It happened to my record. All my [altcoins] were sold and the sum total of what I have is Bitcoin now." The client went ahead to clear up that his two-factor authentication was empowered and there were no signs his record was bargained. 

"We are investigating reports of some users having issues with their funds. Our team is aware and investigating the issue as we speak," the exchange said in a statement. "As of this moment, the only confirmed victims have registered API keys (to use with trading bots or otherwise). There is no evidence of the Binance platform being compromised."

The exchange work area hasn't yet said anything about this examination on its official Twitter account, however various clients are as of now prattling about it:

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Automatically bought via coins. Binance hacked? compromised?

Any api key problem? this has happened to all the users who are using trading bots for trading. The problem will be with api keys. No official announcement from binance twitter account. 

Binance via coin pumped to 0.0250btc. Coins automatically bought and sold on binance. And binance suspended all the btc withdrawals

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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Onead App Payment Proof | Scam or Legit? Referral Code

Onead app payment proof and bank statement details. onead app fake or not, scam or legit, all these details are discussing in this onead app post.And onead app review section is also added to this post at below. Here is just an other money making android app like appbucks.

What Is OneAd App?

The app is onead, by one advantage. On the off chance that you have been pondering what is about with this android business application, regardless of whether it is trick or real, how it works and how you can gain from it, this article is all you require. In underneath you will become more acquainted with all that I detail concerning application. See the onead payment proof to know its genuine or not.
Onead app payment proof

How To Earn From OneAd Application

First you have to install the onead app from the google playstore. Here i am attaching the onead app download link here. You can download oneapp app from the below android app link 2017.

Then sign up on it with your details like Name, Gender, Mobile Number etc. 
Note that you must be over 15 years old to use the app(as per the onead app). If you are under 15 change your birth date to 2001 or below.

You need onead referral code to sign up on it. So I recommend you to add this code (Onead Referral code8JXWUT) when sign up. So you will get 5% extra earnings.

After that sign up on it.

OneAd App Unlimitted Money Trick

And here is the ultimate trick for onead app users. TO get maximum earnings from the onead app you must invite more users to it. And every user you invited should also have to invite more users to it. It it goes like a money chain. As the chain increases your income from onead app also increases. Thats the key strategy. 
Onead app payment proof

The onead app has several stages, in each stage you get particular amount of money. And when you get at higher stages the amount you get from onead app also goes higher, Thus you get high earnings from the onead app. This is the onead app trick for unlimited money. Also this way you can hack onead app for higher earnings.

THe key point is to invite more users as many as possible to get maximum earnings from onead app. And check onead payment proof.

WhatsApp Hack : Download GB WhatsApp Now

Onead App Review

This app is not like appbucks reward app. You can only redeem payment from bank only. And its genuine app, many of the users are earning hundreds of money from it. I am also earning some bucks from it, not much because I only tried it 5 days ago.

Onead App Payment Proof ( Bank transfer)

Here is the onead payment proof from another site : Image Link.I will show you my earnings proof when I get a decent amount from it. So I just wanted to say keep visiting this post for updates.
Onead app payment proof
OneAD or one favorable position "claims" to be a two fold preferred standpoint application which enables one to gain cash while in the meantime making investment funds. 
I know you are now asking yourself how this could be conceivable not really? The appropriate response is basic. With OneAD application, you win cash by alluding others to this application while then again, you access the best shopping bargains which influences you to spare.

Android Earning App, OneAd App

With OneAD application, you can get ongoing news and occasions right away, find online offers and arrangements around all of you basing on your set inclinations and interests. 

This application encourages you turn into a savvy customer since it offers you marked down arrangements on results of decision while in the meantime enabling you to win. Onead app payment proof

Onead App Download

OneAD application is free download from Google Play store and other taking an interest destinations and installable on every single bolstered gadget. 

In the wake of downloading and introducing, you join by entering your points of interest after which you are given a referral code which you use to welcome others there by expanding your profit on the distinctive levels.

You can either pull back your acquiring as well as recover the earned cash as cashback on the web or specifically to your financial balance. The more individuals you allude the higher your odds of procuring. 

onead payment proof
Also, the more you get the best reduced arrangements, the higher your reserve funds and so on. You gain up to 2.5 Lakh Rs for each month. 

Download OneAd App

When this OneAD application is initiated on your gadget, you are probably going to see diverse screen bolt advertisements like pennants, application download prompts, e-pamphlets and so forth relying upon inclinations and area which causes you win more everytime you see them. Onead app payment proof

Is OneAD genuine? Onead Legit? or OneAd Fake?

Goodness yes, this inquiry is the thing that many continue inquiring. As usual, I just achieve a conclusion after testing precisely other than basing on what others say. The truth of the matter is that am soon achieving my objective and I will impart to you the correct be great or awful.

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Friday, 29 September 2017

Configure Cloudflare SSL WordPress Free| Full Setup

Learn how to configure setup free cloudflare ssl certificate for wordpress website. Now enable cloudflare ssl to your business site. This free ssl certificate will enable the secure version of your website and deliver your connection over secure socket layer.
configure Cloudflare ssl wordpress free

Adding this ssl certificate also increase your seo ranking thus getting more visitors to your website. Here is the full tutorial to configure cloudflare ssl for your wordpress site. You only have to follow the steps below to add ssl to website.

Configure Cloudflare SSL on WordPress for Free

there are several steps to configure ssl on wordpress. just follow this procedure.

First you have to sign up on cloudflare with your email account.

Then choose free website plan. 

Then follow the steps and add the domain name you want to add ssl ( add website) .

In the next step all your records will be automatically added. (like A, MX, CName etc. Make sure all are correct).

Afterthat you will get 2 namerserver address. You have to note that address.

From the cloudflare Dashboard, click on CRYPTO tab. And select flexible here. Wait upto 20 minutes and cloudflare will activate flexible ssl for wordpress. (Redirect all requests with scheme "http" to "https". This applies to all http requests to the zone.)

Change the nameserver address from your hosting provider to cloudflare on your domain account.

Recommended: know your windows genuine key when it is preinstalled

SetUp PageRules on Cloudflare Dashboard

Now you want to redirect your domain from http to https. For this you have to add belowpage rule.


Configure page rules cloudflare for wordpress. Page rules to use https version cloudflare . Cloudflare url redirection 301 permanent redirect
1. http://*domain.com/*     - always use https
this will redirect all your pages to https
2. http://domain.com/*  301  permanent redirect https://www.domain.com/$1
3. https://domain.com/* 301 permanent redirect https://www.domain.com/$1

(here im showing www version of domain. If you are not using www version you can remove www from above.
configure Cloudflare ssl wordpress free

Download Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin on WOrdpress

this will enable ssl certificate on your wordpress. Also this will fix mix content issues.

cloudflare flexible ssl wordpress plugin.

Change your WordPress Site Address

Now change wordpress site address url to ssl version. 
WordPress Address (URL) to “https://www.domain.com”
Site Address (URL)  to “https://www.domain.com” 

(remove www if you are not using it)

Now your WordPress will Have Https

Check the ssl is working for your website.

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Monday, 14 August 2017

AppBucks Review | Payment Proof | Scam or Legit?

AppBucks Review | Scam or Legit | Payment Proof ? Referral Code

Appbucks is a free online money making android app providing free money via paypal and paytm. New users get 10$ and 1500 points as bonus gift. 
AppBucks Review

When you check this app daily you get 100 points/day. That is, when you use this app and make any action you get rewarded. These rewards are just points. Earn as many points to earn more money. You make 1$ for 1000 points. So you get (30days X 100) = 3000 points in one month just by checking every day.

Try these free online money making methods to get some pocket money for your needs. Earn money using android app.

AppBucks Referral Code

Use appbucks promo code to get 10$ as gift for only new customers. This is a limited time offer. You also get 500 points by using this code.
AppBucks Referral Code

AppBucks Minimum Payout

Appbucks minimum payout is 50$ , ie 50,000 points
Appbucks payment method is Paypal, paytm and google gift cards.

AppBucks Minimum Payout payment method

How AppBucks Work?

You have to download an install the appbucks online money making app only at once.

As a new customer you get bonus point for joining on appbucks. And they providing many surprise gifts for its users.

If you want to earn you can invite your friends and share this offer.

How to Earn More AppBucks Points to get more Money

  • You have to open the app regularly
  • Complete the tasks provided by appbucks
  • Check their notifications for more points
  • Refer this app to your friends

appbucks scam or legit

AppBucks Payment Proof

Appbucks minimum payout is fifty dollar. You can receive this money via paypal or paytm.
AppBucks Payment Proof

About AppBucks App Earn Money Online

Name: AppBucks - Earn Online Money
Updated April 20, 2017 
Installs 100,000 - 500,000 
Current Version 1.0
Required android version : 4.0.3 and above versions

Admins Review | Appbucks Android App | Fake or not

At this time, We are just testing the appbucks money making app. Currently we dont know if it works or not. Once we get the 50$ paymant via paypal or paytm cash, we will update this post.

Considering its 50$ minimum payout, I think its hard to reach. And I am thinking that its totally a scam app. Many of them will not reach the goal of 50$ even they get 10$ as initial registration gift.

If you think that its a legit app for money making, and got their payment 50$ please comment below.

Cloudflare Redirect www to Non www

Fix cloudflare redirect www to non www. Try these methods to avoid wordpress redirect from www to non www version of your blog address. Check out these solutions to fix redirect problem in cloudflare ssl.

cloudflare redirect www to non www

To Fix these redirects you have to do the below steps.

1 In your wordpess control panel check the site address section.
Make sure that your site address url and blog url are set to non www version. ie https://yourdomain.com not https://www.yourdomain.com

Now all traffic goes to non www version. If you want www to your domain, just add www.

2.Check the page rules section of your cloudflare account.
Make sure you have added the page rules to redirect all www traffic to non www version by using a 301 permanent redirect.

Add the desired version of your domain in pagerules tab in cloudflare. 
3. Check the htaccess file. make sure you have not added any additional redirects on it.

I hope this will fix the problem cloudflare redirect www to non www. Comment below if you face any problems.

If you dont know how to add cloudflare ssl certificate to your wordpress website, i recommend you to do it now for free. Its easy to setup ssl with cloudflare. 

Comment below if you face any problems when installing https to your website. SSL certificate will give you better SEO for your blog, thus getting higher rank in google search results.

Dont forget to add the new site in google webmaster tool to know the traffic change to your https domain.

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