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Configure Cloudflare SSL WordPress Free| Full Setup


Learn how to configure setup free cloudflare ssl certificate for wordpress website. Now enable cloudflare ssl to your business site. This free ssl certificate will enable the secure version of your website and deliver your connection over secure socket layer.
configure Cloudflare ssl wordpress free

Adding this ssl certificate also increase your seo ranking thus getting more visitors to your website. Here is the full tutorial to configure cloudflare ssl for your wordpress site. You only have to follow the steps below to add ssl to website.

Configure Cloudflare SSL on WordPress for Free

there are several steps to configure ssl on wordpress. just follow this procedure.

First you have to sign up on cloudflare with your email account.

Then choose free website plan. 

Then follow the steps and add the domain name you want to add ssl ( add website) .

In the next step all your records will be automatically added. (like A, MX, CName etc. Make sure all are correct).

Afterthat you will get 2 namerserver address. You have to note that address.

From the cloudflare Dashboard, click on CRYPTO tab. And select flexible here. Wait upto 20 minutes and cloudflare will activate flexible ssl for wordpress. (Redirect all requests with scheme "http" to "https". This applies to all http requests to the zone.)

Change the nameserver address from your hosting provider to cloudflare on your domain account.

Recommended: know your windows genuine key when it is preinstalled

SetUp PageRules on Cloudflare Dashboard

Now you want to redirect your domain from http to https. For this you have to add belowpage rule.


Configure page rules cloudflare for wordpress. Page rules to use https version cloudflare . Cloudflare url redirection 301 permanent redirect
1. http://**     - always use https
this will redirect all your pages to https
2.*  301  permanent redirect$1
3.* 301 permanent redirect$1

(here im showing www version of domain. If you are not using www version you can remove www from above.
configure Cloudflare ssl wordpress free

Download Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin on WOrdpress

this will enable ssl certificate on your wordpress. Also this will fix mix content issues.

cloudflare flexible ssl wordpress plugin.

Change your WordPress Site Address

Now change wordpress site address url to ssl version. 
WordPress Address (URL) to “”
Site Address (URL)  to “” 

(remove www if you are not using it)

Now your WordPress will Have Https

Check the ssl is working for your website.

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