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Find Product Key Of a Pre Installed Windows 8


If you bought windows 8 pre installed computer, or inserted the product key while installation and lost the product key, then how do you find out the original/genuine product ID. Do you know any methods to retrieve the key inserted? The product key is a alpha-numeric code to ensure that the software you are going to install is genuine, which gives you more control over it. Here we guide you to how to find the product ID of windows 8 using product key finder programs.

Find Windows 8 Product Key

Usually the Windows 8 Product ID should be in your email address if you bought it, or with your package if you purchased from a retail package. And if you buy a pre-installed windows 8 pc or laptop, it should be on a sticker or with the documents with the computer. When But what if you lost it? You don't need to worry about it, that there are several ways to find it. The installation key is stored in the windows registry in an encrypted format and  with the help of some key finder software it very easy to read.

The use of key finder software comes very often. Suppose that you bought a new laptop with pre installed windows 8 and need to reinstall it. But how do you find the product ID of currently installed windows 8. This is the situation when this tool is found useful. Many key finder software available to download and some of them are Belarc Advisor, Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder, Windows Key Finder... etc.

Finding product ID from Windows Registry manually is never easy or it is something impossible. So here we use a key finder tool Belarc Advisor, which extracts the key from Windows installed PC from registry. Follow the steps below to find out the product ID from pre-instlled Windows PC

How To Find Windows 8 Product Key

1). Download the program Belarc Advisor (3.1 MB) from here, a free system information tool which generates the software license information of the installed programs.
2). Install Belarc Advisior and follow the instructions during installation.
3). Run Belarc Adivsor, 
4). After completing Belarc analysis result will be show in your default web browser. Then check Software License Section, product key will be displayed there and looks something like this xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. Note down it for further use.

Note: The product key finder program Belarc Advisor only finds the Genuine Windows product IDs. 

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