Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Disable Password Lock Screen In Windows 8


Tutorial- Disable Windows 8 password lock screen with 4 easy steps using registry hack. Follow the easy steps to remove password lock screen quickly.

Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen Easily Using Registry Editor

Open Registry editor by pressing windows key, search for regedit then press enter.

Navigate to the following Registry key:

If the personalization do not appear then create it manually. For this, right click on the Windows then click on new and name it as Personalization.

After creating Personalization right click on it. Then select new and then DWORD(32-bit)value.

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Rename DWORD Value to NoLockScreen. Set the value data to 1. 

Now your windows 8 lock screen do not show up from the start screen without restarting.

If you want to add the lock screen in start up future, then you need to set the value data to 0 or simply delete the personalization file.

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