Sunday, 22 December 2013

How To Bypass Windows 8 Login Screen

If you are the only user log in in to your computer or the computer is safe from others, the log in screen while turning on or after sleep might be annoying to you, and it consumes more time to get you back to the start screen. Bypassing the log in screen will be much useful for such users. This tutorial will cover how to bypass login screen in windows 8.

How To Bypass Windows 8 Login Screen 

Step 1 : Click on Search from right edge of your windows 8 screen and search for Users from settings.

disable password login screen windows8

Step 2 : Then tap Users.

Step 3 : As default the login screen is turned on (see image).

disable windows 8 login screen

 Step 4 : Then click on change, then a pop up box will show you for confirmation and proceed by clicking OK. 

Step 5 : Now the text above change will be replaced to Any user who has a password doesn't need to enter it when walking this PC
Disable login screen windows 8

These are the all steps. When you turn on the windows 8 you are welcomed with lock screen showing the basic information such as date, time etc... and then prompted to login screen. After you completed the above steps, it will not show the password login screen when you turn on your windows 8 PC. You can also turn back to previous stage by just taping the change button again. 

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Add A Shutdown Tile To Windows 8 Metro

Normally it takes at least three clicks to turn off the Windows 8 PC. Adding a shutdown tile to Windows 8 metro would reduce the annoyance of unnecessary clicks to turn off the computer. After adding the shortcut tile you can shutdown it with a one click tap in metro screen. 

Add Shutdown tile to Windows 8 Metro

How to Add a Shutdown Tile in Windows 8

  Step 1. Click on the Desktop tile in Metro or Press Windows+D.
Step 2. Right click on any open space in desktop, select New and then click Shortcut.

Create shutdown shortcut windows 8

  Step 3. A popup will come and type shutdown /p in the location field.

shutdown shortcut command

  Step 4. Then a dialog box will appear to name the shortcut. Choose whatever the name you want and click on finish.

  Step 5. Change the shortcut icon for easy visibility (Optional). Right click on the shortcut icon>> Properties>> Change Icon >> Select Icon >> OK.

  Step 6.Final step is to add the shortcut tile to windows 8 metro. Right Click on the shutdown icon and click on Pin to Start.

add tile to windows 8 metro screen

You are done. Now check the metro screen and a tile will be shown and it will shutdown your computer if a single tap is made on it.

Note: You can also create a reboot shortcut to windows metro. Place shutdown /r /t 0 instead of the previous command for restart tile.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Find Product Key Of a Pre Installed Windows 8

If you bought windows 8 pre installed computer, or inserted the product key while installation and lost the product key, then how do you find out the original/genuine product ID. Do you know any methods to retrieve the key inserted? The product key is a alpha-numeric code to ensure that the software you are going to install is genuine, which gives you more control over it. Here we guide you to how to find the product ID of windows 8 using product key finder programs.

Find Windows 8 Product Key

Usually the Windows 8 Product ID should be in your email address if you bought it, or with your package if you purchased from a retail package. And if you buy a pre-installed windows 8 pc or laptop, it should be on a sticker or with the documents with the computer. When But what if you lost it? You don't need to worry about it, that there are several ways to find it. The installation key is stored in the windows registry in an encrypted format and  with the help of some key finder software it very easy to read.

The use of key finder software comes very often. Suppose that you bought a new laptop with pre installed windows 8 and need to reinstall it. But how do you find the product ID of currently installed windows 8. This is the situation when this tool is found useful. Many key finder software available to download and some of them are Belarc Advisor, Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder, Windows Key Finder... etc.

Finding product ID from Windows Registry manually is never easy or it is something impossible. So here we use a key finder tool Belarc Advisor, which extracts the key from Windows installed PC from registry. Follow the steps below to find out the product ID from pre-instlled Windows PC

How To Find Windows 8 Product Key

1). Download the program Belarc Advisor (3.1 MB) from here, a free system information tool which generates the software license information of the installed programs.
2). Install Belarc Advisior and follow the instructions during installation.
3). Run Belarc Adivsor, 
4). After completing Belarc analysis result will be show in your default web browser. Then check Software License Section, product key will be displayed there and looks something like this xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. Note down it for further use.

Note: The product key finder program Belarc Advisor only finds the Genuine Windows product IDs. 

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Download Belarc Advisor v8.4

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Disable Password Lock Screen In Windows 8

Tutorial- Disable Windows 8 password lock screen with 4 easy steps using registry hack. Follow the easy steps to remove password lock screen quickly.

Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen Easily Using Registry Editor

Open Registry editor by pressing windows key, search for regedit then press enter.

Navigate to the following Registry key:

If the personalization do not appear then create it manually. For this, right click on the Windows then click on new and name it as Personalization.

After creating Personalization right click on it. Then select new and then DWORD(32-bit)value.

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Rename DWORD Value to NoLockScreen. Set the value data to 1. 

Now your windows 8 lock screen do not show up from the start screen without restarting.

If you want to add the lock screen in start up future, then you need to set the value data to 0 or simply delete the personalization file.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Download Whatsapp For Windows PC

Download the popular WhatsApp Messenger for Windows 8 PC. Download Windows 7/8/XP Compatible WhatsApp. Download free WhatsApp for Your Windows 8 Computer. Here is the complete guide to download and install WhatsApp on your PC.

whatsapp for pc computer

How To Download WhatsApp for My Computer?

  • Download an Android Emulator for PC. You can try BlueStack. BlueStack is a software for PC to Run Android Apps on Your Computer.

     Download BlueStack Now

  • After downloading BlueStack software, install in on your computer.
  • Run BlueStack, then on BlueStack's homepage click on search bar (at top right corner).
  • Search for 'WhatsApp' on the bar.
  • Click and install WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Now

How to Run WhatsApp on Computer

  • Run BlusStack software.
  • Go to My maps and click on WhatsApp.
  • Verify your mobile number.
  • After adding the necessary detail you will be able to use WhatsApp on your PC.
  • Happy sharing!!
You can use this method either in Windows PC or Mac PC.
Note: Minimum 2GB of RAM is required to run bluestack in your PC.

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Download BlueStack

Saturday, 13 July 2013

How To Change Control Panel To Classic View Windows 8

Changing the control panel to classic view in Windows 8 is very easy. The old control panel gives more control and information than the new one in Metro, to use many system configurations you need to switch back to classic view control panel.

Change Control Panel to Classic View

Step 1: Open Control panel from your metro start screen.(Press Windows key and find the Control panel tile, or search for control panel in search field)
Step 2: Then scroll down and select More setting

Now the control panel is changed to classic view and you can use old control panel in windows 8.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Download Windows 8.1 Preview ISO Free

Download the Windows 8.1 Preview ISO file from here for free with Product key.

As you know Windows 8.1 Preview is released and its the time to test it in your computer. The complete version of windows 8.1 will be available to everyone later this year.
Windows latest 8.1 ISO

Notes before you download

Windows 8.1 Preview is prerelease software that may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here. Some product features and functionality may require additional hardware or software.

Download Windows 8.1 Preview From 'Microsoft's Download Windows 8.1 preview ISO' page and select the language and bit version.

Download From Below Link

Other Download links

What is the product key of Windows 8.1 Preview

  • Product Key: NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F
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Windows 8.1 Preview Released

The Windows 8.1 preview is now officially available to download, with Microsoft expected to roll out the finished version of the product later this year.

Microsoft revealed the release of Windows 8.1 Preview at its Build Developer Conference in San Francisco before, indicating it as a more refined version of windows 8.

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft confirmed that the return of much useful Start button in new release, and it would be easy to switch back between the desktop and new user interface. 

“We put Windows 8 systems in the market at the end of last year, and yet what you see and what we will show a heck of a lot of movement, innovation and responsiveness all coming to market in a very [short] time frame [with Windows 8.1],” he said.

You can easily upgrade to Windows 8.1 after downloading the windows 8.1 preview ISO file. Check the Windows 8 system requirements and hardware compatibility before installing.

Download Windows 8.1 Now
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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Top Features of Windows 8 Operating System

Windows 8 is available for every one now. If you are still not upgraded to windows 8 think about purchasing windows 8 from online. Here we will discussing about the top features of window new operating system windows 8.
The Start Screen

The home screen has been changed from earlier windows version. Once you log in, you are taken to Windows 8's now Start screen, where you can see the tiles of installed apps, built in apps, desktop and many more. Windows key helps you to switch between Desktop and Home screen .

The Lock Screen

Windows 8 lock screen comes with a beautiful image with full of information like date and time, number of emails, battery status, Facebook and Twitter updates etc. Windows 9 also enables to add a picture password to your pc.
Built-in Apps

Windows 8 comes with lot of in built apps for Music, Games, Photos, Video, Mail, SkyDrive, Bing and a lot more.

Windows Store

Windows store is a concept that is similar to Play store in Android devices, where you can search the apps photos, news, games, sports and lot more.  Some of them are paid and some of them are free. Sort by price, rating and category and download the apps which you want.

Connect to the Cloud

Your address book, photos, SkyDrive data and even data within third party apps can sync up to the cloud. You can get back these files any time from any Windows 8 device. Just sign in with the Microsoft account and get access to the files your synced.
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

How To Shutdown or Restart Windows 8 PC

If you are new to Windows 8 you may not know where is the shutdown or restart button located. This is because Windows 8 is changed a lot from its predecessor Windows 7. Here is the solution to find shutdown or restart button in Windows 8 and how to shutdown/restart the PC.

How To Shutdown or Restart Windows 8 PC 

Step 1:  Move your mouse pointer to the right corner, then click on settings. See below screen shot.
Step 2: Then from it select the option you want (shutdown/restart/sleep)

This way you can shutdown/restart your PC.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Create A New Local User Windows 8

Creating a user account on Windows 8 is easy. There are two types of user account for you, first is local account for your PC and second is Microsoft account. Here I will show you the tutorial of How to create a user account on Windows 8 on Your PC. Screen shots of each procedure is also attached for easy understanding.

Step 1: Go to “Start Menu” (press Windows key) and select “Controal Panel”.

Step 2: Click on “Users” and then click “Add a User”.

Step 3: Then from the “Add User” window sign in with your Windows Live ID. If you dont have a Windows ID, then select “More About Logon Options”.

Step 4: Then from the window choose “Local account”.

Step 5: Next fill the window by entering username, password and password hint, then click "Next".

Step 6: Finally click "Finish".

Now you can log on to Windows 8 by entering the detail you just set.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How To Set Up Windows 8

After successful installation of Windows 8, set up your PC how you want. Personalize your system by choosing System name, color scheme, background image, account picture etc. Select the setting how you like, remember you can always change color, background and account picture later.

Next choose between Express or Custom setting. If you choose Express setting following items are configured automatically.
  • Install important and recommended updates.
  • Check online for solutions automatically to problems.
  • Enabling all MS functions
  • Enabling sharing and other device connectivity.
  • Etc...
When selected custom setting, you can customize these according to your choice. 
Next is signing in to PC. Either username/password or Microsoft's account needed to sign in to your PC. Creating Microsoft's account adds more features like cloud/sync and Windows store. Click Sign in without a Microsoft account to sign in with username and password. Done! Finally Windows will take you to a new Start screen.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How To Install Windows 8 Upgrade on PC

Before you installing Windows 8 Upgrade on your PC you need to purchase the Windows 8 Upgrade from Buy Windows page or Get a DVD from flipcart. Windows 8 Systems should have minimum requirements in-order to run on your PC. First check it and make sure your system able to run Windows 8.

After successfully downloaded the Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro to your PC, you are given a few options for how and when you want to install.Lets consider each of them.

  • Install now or instal later
    Install now is recommended for smoothest upgrade. Only difference between this two is that when we selected Install later a desktop shortcut will be created and you can install Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro when it is convenient for you.
  • Install by creating media

    Recommended for people who need to install in a virtual environment, install as dual-boot configuration, or want to install Windows in a different PC. This requires blank DVD or Usb flash drive. Windows XP SP3 users are not available to use this installation method.
After complete all the steps from windows set up installation. Then click Install. Windows will restart several times during installing. You may not need to backup files, apps and settings if you using Windows 7 else you need to reinstall after upgrade. Having trouble in Upgrading to Windows 8? Try our full overview for How to Upgrade to Windows 8 tutorial.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

How To Purchase Windows 8

Upgrade to Windows 8 and Enjoy the stylish operating system. This covers the steps for purchasing windows 8.There are two ways you can get windows 8.Buying online or buying Windows 8 Upgrade on DVD from retailer.

Upgrade Through Online 

To upgrade online it is necessary to Download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant tool (5.23MB, Free) and check your PC is compatible to run Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. After downloading run the Upgrade Assistant tool, installation may take several minutes. If meets the system hardware requirements you can buy the upgrade by following the on-screen steps given from Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. The current pricing may be found from Upgrade Assistant.

After some steps enter the purchase info like name,address and credit card number. Price can vary if you have an offer code. From the E-mail address you given before, you will get a email receipt along with product key. After moving forward from Upgrade assistant the download will start to your computer.

Buy Windows 8 Upgrade On DVD

You can buy the Windows 8 upgrade on a DVD from a participating retailer if it is available in your region, and perform installation from DVD. You must have windows running PC before you begin to run installation from DVD.Price is starting from %119.99.

Buy These Windows Categories

Tutorial: How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and you can easily upgrade your Windows 7 PC to Windows 8 Pro. Here we are conducting a full step by step walk through that helps you to upgrade your computer to the Microsoft's latest operating system.

Here is how to Upgrade
  1. Firstly you have to find out your is upgradable to Windows 8. Check Windows 8 Minimum System Requirements and find whether your computer is meet the requirements pointed there. You can use the Windows Upgrade Assistant Tool will help to check the hardware compatibility.
  2. If your system is compatible, buy and download the windows 8 by entering payment info and following on-screen steps.
  3. After downloading the Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro upgrade to your computer, Install the Windows 8 upgrade on your PC by following the rest of the steps.
  4. Finally Set Up the Windows 8 by following the on-screen steps which includes selecting colors, background and account picture.

After successfully completing these 4 steps windows will take you to the stylish new Windows 8 start screen.

More Info About Upgrading to Windows 8

  • If your computer is running Windows 7, Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or Windows 8 Release Preview, your files, apps and setting will automatically transfer to Windows 8. Reinstalling of apps is needed is you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista or else. 
  • It is possible to upgrade from a 32-bit version for Windows to a 64-bit of Windows 8.
  • You may need Windows 8 compatible touch screen with high level of response and precision, else some Windows 8 feature won't work


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