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How To Purchase Windows 8


Upgrade to Windows 8 and Enjoy the stylish operating system. This covers the steps for purchasing windows 8.There are two ways you can get windows 8.Buying online or buying Windows 8 Upgrade on DVD from retailer.

Upgrade Through Online 

To upgrade online it is necessary to Download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant tool (5.23MB, Free) and check your PC is compatible to run Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. After downloading run the Upgrade Assistant tool, installation may take several minutes. If meets the system hardware requirements you can buy the upgrade by following the on-screen steps given from Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. The current pricing may be found from Upgrade Assistant.

After some steps enter the purchase info like name,address and credit card number. Price can vary if you have an offer code. From the E-mail address you given before, you will get a email receipt along with product key. After moving forward from Upgrade assistant the download will start to your computer.

Buy Windows 8 Upgrade On DVD

You can buy the Windows 8 upgrade on a DVD from a participating retailer if it is available in your region, and perform installation from DVD. You must have windows running PC before you begin to run installation from DVD.Price is starting from %119.99.

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