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Simple Tweaks To Make Windows 8 Startup Faster


It's really frustrating for every user when the PC takes more time to startup. This is possibly for many reasons such as congested start up items, fragmented memory, virus infections..etc. More older PC, more software are installed and many of unnecessary apps begins to run when windows starts up. The proper optimization of windows 8 start up is the solution to reduce it. This tutorial covers the simple tweaks you can make use of to get a fast startup for your Windows 8 PC.

Windows 8 Fast Startup

Make Windows 8 Faster By Removing Unwanted Programs from Startup

You well know that more programs in the windows 8 startup causes slow down of the boot time of your PC. Disabling the unwanted programs from startup can help the system boot faster to an extent. Let's check how to speed up boot time faster.

Right click on task bar and click on Task Manager. 

Speed up windows 8 PC

Then from the windows click on the Startup tab. 

Access startup menu windows 8

Here you will see the list of programs enabled/disabled in startup. Disable the unnecessary programs that doesn't need to started when system starts.

Note: Startup can also be accessed using the Run command msconfig. 

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 Turn on Fast Startup

Fast start up is a new feature of windows 8 that uses hybrid shutdown to enhance the startup process. It should be turned on by default, but make sure that you didn't changed that by mistake. 

How to enable fast boot windows 8

To access fast startup : Goto control panel>>Hardware and Sound>>Power Options>>Choose What the Power Buttons Do.

Note that the startup programs consumes memory and CPU since windows starts,so disabling these unwanted programs not only increases the boot time but also increases the performance of your system. Only disable the process if you well know what the process is, and avoid changes to the programs which you don't know about.

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